What is the Theta Advanced 
Stock Options Academy?

Ever hear this maxim?:

“How do you eat an elephant?...
One small bite at a time.”

You’ve taken the Theta Stock Options Academy course, so you know that Omar and Matthew have been at this options trading thing for more than 20 years each, and you know that they’ve developed lots of powerful strategies, systems, and methods to make money, pretty easily, without spending too much time every day.

But, here’s the thing: Omar and Matthew know the wisdom of the ‘eat the elephant one small bite at a time’ maxim. They know that if they gave a beginner investor all of their strategies all at once, it would be like asking you to eat an entire elephant all at once — it would be overwhelming, confusing, and stressful.

So, this is why they teach you some powerful strategies in the Theta Stock Options Academy course, so you can get up and running and start making good money on a consistent basis... but they don’t teach you ALL their methods, techniques and strategies because that would overwhelm you and make it a lot harder for you to succeed in the beginning.

The good news is that these more advanced strategies that you haven’t learned yet, can substantially increase your returns, and your income.

Now is the perfect time

And, now is the perfect time to learn these more advanced methods and techniques.

 You’ve taken the Theta Stock Options Academy course, which means you know the basic strategies, so we can now “feed you more of the elephant” and give you the juicy advanced stuff, because you’re ready for it now.

And since you’re And since you are a loyal Theta Student we’re offering this course to  you at a significant discount (this is the last time we will be offering it at this low price  AND this is the first time in 2021 we are offering this course), but because this discount  we’re offering is so significant, we’re only going to be accepting 100 students into the course at this time.

Will this training make you a more confident &
knowledgeable trader
during the quarantine?

The strategies that you’re going to learn in the Theta Advanced Course have allowed Omar and Matthew to know
  • The exact levels/prices to place their trades
  • ​How to take advantage of volatility (when to be more or less aggressive)
  • ​The psychological component to trading and how to keep their mind clear and emotions in check in any market condition.
  • ​How & Why certain stocks perform better during certain times than others
  • ​How to time their trades to take advantage of seasonality
Omar & Matthew have substantially increased their profitability and peace of mind, just with these new strategies you’ll learn in the Theta Advanced Course.

And we only have 100 spots!

Again, we’re offering a deep discount on this program to our loyal Theta students….but we’re only allowing 100 people in at this significantly discounted price, so check this out now before we fill all the spots. 

Now is the perfect time for this, because you’re going to want to have these advanced tactics, strategies, techniques, and methods under you belt before the fall market starts up. The Theta Advanced Course can give you a real competitive edge in the markets, so click here to register now.

Here is a taste of one nugget of gold that is covered in the Advanced Course

What if you could avoid getting assigned the stock 99.7% percent of the time? 

OR using the same approach have 99.7% chance of being paid a premium AND getting to add your favourite stock to your portfolio?

Using Implied volatility as your guide, you can increase your chances of keeping the premium and NOT getting assigned the stock. 

This can increase your premium profits and your ability to rotate capital to substantially increase your returns.

Understanding Advanced strategies like Volatility and concepts such as standard deviation, taught in a very understandable manner, will help you do just that.

Here’s how it works:

Let's take an example of MSFT with an implied volatility (IV) of 41.7%

This number represents a prediction of the annual volatility, or how much the stock price is likely to swing in either direction over the course of a year.

What does 41.7% annual mean if you want to trade MSFT for a week or a month?

If we take that annual IV and break it down to a weekly IV of how MSFT stock price can swing in the next 7 days we get the following:

41.7% divided by 7.2= 5.79%

This means that over the next week MSFT stock price is likely to move within a 5.79% range up or down 68% of the time. What if you are more comfortable with a higher likelihood? Like 95% Or even 99.7%? We can do that too!

So knowing this, we can choose exact strike prices to put the odds almost entirely in our favour.
Let that sink in a bit.
If you choose, you can avoid getting assigned the stock 68%, 95% or even 99.7% of the time. (based on the statistics.) 

Using just this information, do you think you can make more informed trading decisions?

Included in the Advanced Course Is:

Advanced Technical Analysis

Make better trading decisions. We'll help you by giving your technical analysis skills a tune-up and help line up with more Advanced Options Strategies. Also more comprehensive & advanced ways to reading Charts & determine potential trade placements and increase your returns.


Exploring how profits are made using the Volatility (big price movements) of The Financial Markets. This is Very complex subject, and we’ll teach it in a way that’s easy to understand & implement. Understanding Volatility can improve probabilities & profits in your favour

Seasonality Trends

A Deep Dive Into The History Of How Each Season Affects The Financial Markets. An in-depth look into how specific stocks and sectors preform at certain times of the year. Another Complex Topic that we breakdown into simple and clear indicators to understand and follow. For example you will learn about one 60 day window between October and December that produces an average of 7% higher return in stocks like MSFT, FB and APPL

Advanced Options Trading Strategies

We explain and go deep into some other strategies we like to use when the opportunity is right, including spreads and strangles. Theta’s philosophy is to keep it simple and profitable without getting into too much daily management that eats away your time


Exactly how Full Time Stock Options Traders Think, Act & Stay Disciplined. Proven daily practices that set table to success. This is something that can be taken for granted but, it’s more important than most people think. We bring in a neurologist, who is an expert in the field of emotions and risk, to teach you how to implement simple practices to maintain as calm and emotionless while trading as possible
Amazing course! Thank you Omar and Matthew for this advanced course! The SD explanation was very helpful and gives me added confidence when picking out of money strike prices. Seasonality was also amazing as it give me more confidence and edge to go more aggressive on strong seasons on a good quality underlying. Thank you for giving me the confidence and power to leave my full time at Bell!!!"
-Paul Yeung

Additional Bonuses

Add on Bonus’s Advanced Students will also receive:
  • 3 Months added to your Daily Theta Newsletter Subscription   ($450 Value)
  • Private online FB group for Advanced students only    ($800 Value)
  • Weekly Advanced Topic, Research Papers, Addendums    ($1000 Value)
  • ​Recording of Advanced course added in your account     ($800 Value)
  • ​Full access to recordings of course content and resources    ($1500 Value)
  • ​Weekly Advanced Coaching Calls for Advanced Students Only     ($2300 Value)
*ALL Included*
Regular Price: $6850.00

Special Price:

(will never be offered again)
Date: 26th/27th June 2021
Time: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Location: Online Live Stream


"Amazing course! Thank you Omar and Matthew for this advanced course! The SD explanation was very helpful and gives me added confidence when picking out of money strike prices. Seasonality was also amazing as it give me more confidence and edge to go more aggressive on strong seasons on a good quality underlying. Thank you for giving me the confidence and power to leave my full time at Bell!!!"

-Paul Yeung
"This is by far one of the most useful skills I've ever learned. I didn't realize that I could continue to be making money with shares that I already own by writing coverd calls. School has always taught us how to work as employees, this course teaches us how to make money work for us. Love both the introductory and advanced course! Thanks Omar and Matt!"

-Anita Cheung
"I really really enjoyed the advanced course. It really answered all my questions that I was left with at the end of the introductory course. I felt way more confident about my ability to read a stock chart and making decisions based on the tools that we learned from this class."

-Stephanie Laurence
"It was a great course and it definitely surpassed my expectations. Thank you to Omar, Matthew, and the rest of the team. It was an amazing class. I learned more in these four days than all of my years in school. Thanks again!"

-Sabesh Balasingam
"Both of you presented the material in an easy to understand method. The technical indicators and seasonality discussed in the course will provide (me) with added confidence."

-Navray Mann
"Thanks again for opening my eyes to your investment strategy. You both work well together to make the learning over the entire weekend enjoyable and easy to absorb. Your commitment and passion comes through during the presentation of the material. It is very informative and I would highly recommend the course. All the best in the future as you continue to spread the knowledge."

-Anthony Palleschi

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